31 Dec 5 Conversation Starters to Make Your New Year’s Eve More Meaningful

So you’re going to a New Year’s Eve party where you know practically no one. We’ve all been there. The good news is most people are in a festive mood so it can actually be one of the best settings to start a conversation with a stranger or to get to know an acquaintance, friend or partner better. We have put together a list of five questions to ask when the conversation is at a standstill or if you’ve said everything there is to say about the new Star Wars movie or why Kim and Kanye are yet to instagram pictures of baby Saint.

Sometimes all it takes is one good question to turn a social event from “yeah, it was good … same as last year” to “I had the best time, I met the most unexpected person, we had such a great conversation and they’re helping me take the first step to achieving my goal of finding a more fulfilling career.”

1. What are you most grateful for this year?

2. What did you fail at/what have you learnt this year?

3. What has been your biggest achievement this year?

4. What do you hope to achieve this coming year?

5. What steps are you going to take this year towards your happy life?

Think of these questions as taking your standard New Year’s Resolutions conversations to the next level. Asking or being asked these questions creates a space for you to reflect and aspire. By getting us to think big and deep, these questions can help us identify or clarify what we hope to achieve in our lives. Discussing your aspirations with other people can provide momentum and motivation to actually achieve the goal. Close friends can help you get clear on what you really want. And new acquaintances can widen your network – you never know who has complimentary ideas that can help you on your path of where you want to go, or who you can help on theirs.

This is actually something I started doing last year with a bunch of my closest friends.

As a perennial planner, my goal last year was to plan less and adopt a more organic approach to life. After discussing some of the above questions with a friend, I realised my tendency to plan every detail of my week meant I wasn’t allowing myself to take on new, unexpected opportunities. Twelve months on and I’ve found myself volunteering with an ethical fashion social enterprise, an empathy start-up, and taking the first steps to start an ethical sandals venture. These were not things I had planned to do, and I love them.

Once you get past the trepidation of being the person to initiate something a bit different, you’ll be hooked exploring the new world that asking these questions can open up. And your fellow party-goers will be grateful for a more meaningful NYE too.

Amanda Van Eldik for Empathy Nation

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